Agistri island & beaches, drone

Agistri is only 55 minutes from Piraeus and at a stone's throw from the island of Aegina. 
It is a small heaven on earth situated at the Saronic Gulf, smothered in plants and trees, with pine trees "touching" its crystal blue waters. 
The island's four communities (Megalochori - Skala - Limenaria - Metochi) are ideal for wonderful summer holidays and for relaxing, calm weekends.

In Agistri you will come across verdurous pine woods, sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, traditional colors, quietude, peacefulness and yet an intense nightlife according to the visitor's preference. 

The general image with this island presents is completely different to the one presented by other islands which are overwhelmed with mass tourism. Perhaps is one of the last few romantic destinations in Greece.

Το Αγκίστρι βρίσκεται μόλις 55 λεπτά από τον Πειραιά και αποτελεί, ίσως, την καλύτερη
επιλογή για όποιον θέλει να κάνει διακοπές κοντά στη Αθήνα, συνδυάζοντάς τες με τις 
δουλειές του ή για αυτόν που θέλει μονοήμερη ξεκούραση μέσα στο καλοκαίρι.