Discover Kastoria: This lakeside jewel in Northern Greece is famous for its furs and majestic Macedonian landscape.

Handsome mansions, Dionysian celebrations, Byzantine treasures, waterbirds and artisanal furs. Kastoria, in Macedonia, is eager to meet you.

From a distance it looks like an Impressionist painting; houses, churches, trees seen through a haze, their reflections shimmering in the lake. The Macedonian landscape is magnificent. Come closer and you see impressive aristocratic lakeside mansions surrounded by clusters of tall trees, interspersed by Byzantine churches. Come closer still, and you’ll see the locals sipping coffee or promenading by the lake, with the fishermen in their flat-bottomed boats offshore and pelicans keeping hopeful watch alongside. Outside town, the old Mavriotissa Monastery and the phantasmagorical Dragon’s Cave await discovery. This is just the beginning of what Kastoria has to offer.