Autumn in Kastoria: Majestic Macedonian landscape

Kastoria is one of the most important cities of West Macedonia, with a long History which cannot fade with the passing of time. Proof of this, are the rich prehistorical and archaeological finds (signs of habitations near the lake at Dispilio, Armenohori e.t.c.). It was named after the mythological Macedonian hero Kastoria, Jupiter's son. Geographically the area has connections with the ancient Macedonian state of 'Orestias' where the ancient Orestes used to live, having Argos Orestikon, as their capital. From this area the Macedonian kings started to join the rest of the small states, which constituted the big Macedonian state having as its capital Eges (Vergina) and later Pella. Initially, Philippos and later Alexander the Great joined this state with the rest of the Greeks.

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