Get lost in ancient Greece: stunning ruins of theatres and temples

Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey along magnificent UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece (Athens and the Peloponnese).

Featured places: 0:12 Ancient Messene (Messini) on the Peloponnese with its magnificent ruins of theatres and temples: 2:36 The epic theatre of Epidaurus (Epidavros), a UNESCO world heritage site: 3:11 The archaeological site of Mystras, an old fortified town with an amazing collection of Byzantine churches, and a UNESCO world heritage site: 5:00 Hidden waterfalls along the Neda river: 5:16 The Corinth Canal with rock walls of 90 meters: 5:30 Athens, one of the world’s oldest cities and the cradle of western civilization. The iconic Acropolis is a UNESCO world heritage site, with the Parthenon being its masterpiece: 7:13 Blowholes: