Shh! A “Secret” Wilderness In Greece Is Like Heaven On Earth

Our “secret” place is an unspoiled wilderness area preserved in Greece for thousands of years. Hidden within its mountains and hills are stone bridges hundreds of years old, Byzantine monasteries, waterfalls in pristine mountain rivers, lakes where the mythical Dragons of the Pindos still live today…

By Thomas Biziouras

This “secret” place is our own Grevena, its mountains and valleys harboring rare wildflowers and mushrooms…

The bears and wildlife that inhabit Grevena allow us to share our “secret” with you.

The summer climate is cool, fresh and breezy, perfect for a swim in the Venetikos River or beneath a waterfall. Costs of vacationing here are inexpensive, even though the environmental experience is priceless!

Grevena County is an hour and a half west of Thessaloniki, right on the Egnatia National Highway. There are only ~32,000 inhabitants, many still living in traditional villages and working as traditional farmers and shepherds. There is no better place to enjoy natural, organic foods, honey and… don’t forget, Grevena is known as the Mushroom City!

Our mountains have merited inclusion in a National Park as well as a Geopark, their geologic secrets including a history going back a billion years to a time before dinosaurs, before there was Europe…

Shhh! I’m sharing my “secret” with you, and hoping you’ll find its breathtaking natural wonders an inspiration in your everyday world. If you plan to visit Grevena, I will be happy to provide more info, just contact me at or Facebook.

In the gallery below you will find some of the places I particularly love to visit and take photos!