Ilida the Αncient Μetropolis of the Olympic Games (Video)

Ilida or Iliss was a city-state of ancient Greece, very close to ancient Olympia. The population of the city, during the historical era, exceeded 60,000 people. Ilida was the organizing city-state of the Olympic Games. At the time of the games and before, the whole area was full of life, like a month before the start of the games all athletes were obliged to come to Ilida to train. Many came along with friends and relatives from different parts of the country. There were many temples and sanctuaries in the city of Ilida, such as the temple of Chariton, the temple of Shilin, the temple of Hades, the sanctuary of Tychis, the temple of Dionysus, the temple of Achilles and many others.  

The city enjoyed great prosperity, until about the 4th century BC, which began to appear to be the first signs of decline. The city was inhabited during the first Byzantine years and experienced the final decline when Theodosius banned the Olympic Games. Excavations continue today as much of the city remains below ground. We explore the space and the elegant museum located a few kilometers down the top of a hill with beautiful views.

Enjoy the video by Greek Orthodox Vlogger