Thassos, Greece - Giola natural pool.

Giola is a natural rocky pool that is located around Astris. The peak of the rocks reaches happening to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the determined waters. The course towards Giola is tough and you will have to wander.
In order to the lead at Giola, steer from Poto to Astris. After the hotel Aeria you will locate a sign indicating to Sirens. Turn left and follow the dirt-road. After a though you will profit to a beach. There, you can park your vehicle promote on the route becomes tougher. Ascend the road approaching your left, whose fade away you can park your car as neatly. From that spot, get out of towards the shore. There are many signs and signals behind arrows showing the paperwork. It is recommended that you a high four-engined or an off-road vehicle. The overall estrange from the main road is nearly 2km.

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