From dawn till dusk - Plastiras Lake | Με τα μάτια της Κοιμωμένης - Λίμνη Πλαστήρα.

Plastiras Lake lies on Nevropolis plateau in Karditsa prefecture (25 km west of the city) and was formed in 1959, when the dam of the river Tavropos or Megdovas was completed. The dam is an impressive arched construction, 200 meters long and 83 meters high.

The lake took its name from the military officer Nikolaos Plastiras, as he was the one who had the idea of its formation.
Although the lake was made to solve the irrigation problems of the area, its presence there led to the formation of a beautiful landscape, surrounded by vegetation.

Today it is an ideal destination for excursions and relaxation during both summer and winter months. The area all around the lake is characterized by rich biodiversity and because of its great environmental value it has been added to the Natura 2000 Protected Areas Network.