Meteora | The sacred location that inspires awe (Travel & Discovery Video)

The World Heritage–listed Meteora is an extraordinary place and one of the most visited in all of Greece, receiving over two million visitors annually. The massive pinnacles of smooth rock are the perfect setting for a science-fiction or fantasy tale. The monasteries atop them add to the strange and beautiful landscape.

The geological heart of Meteora is the Adrachti, a striking column. Nearby, on the Pixari rock face is the colourful cave chapel of Agios Andonios. In the hollows and cavities of the nearby rock face, are the Askitaria (Cave Hermitages), complete with hanging ladders and nesting doves. The Askitaria were occupied until the early 20th century by solitary monks, and they remain a testament to the original spirit of Meteora.

But the visiting masses put pressure on the area; lines can be long on the monastery paths and infrastructure (toilets etc) is limited to the monasteries.

Enjoy the video: Town of Kalambaka (0:04, 7:31), Byzantine Church of Virgin Mary (0:28), St. Nikolas Anapafsas Monastery (1:22), Varlaam Monastery (1:59, 4:19), Great Meteoron Monastery / Megalo Meteoro (3:47), Roussanou Monastery (2:42, 4:32, 4:59, 8:14), St. Stephen's Monastery/Agios Stefanos (6:24), Holy Trinity Monastery/Agia Trias (6:13, 6:56), Panagios Valley - St Nicholas (Badovas) Monastery (8:40), Agios Antonios Monastery (8:59), Ypapanti Monastery (10:06), Kastraki village (0:40, 9:31, 10:44).