Meteora, Greece in 4K (Ultra HD)

Medieval Byzantium Greek Orthodox monasteries, built on top of stunning sandstone peaks. 
Meteora is on the UNESCO World Heritage List: "'Suspended in the air' (the meaning of Meteora in Greek), these monasteries represent a unique artistic achievement and are one of the most powerful examples of the architectural transformation of a site into a place of retreat, meditation and prayer."

In the video: Town of Kalambaka (0:047:31), Byzantine Church of Virgin Mary (0:28), St. Nikolas Anapafsas Monastery (1:22), Varlaam Monastery (1:594:19), Great Meteoron Monastery / Megalo Meteoro (3:47), Roussanou Monastery (2:424:324:598:14), St. Stephen's Monastery/Agios Stefanos (6:24), Holy Trinity Monastery/Agia Trias (6:136:56), Panagios Valley - St Nicholas (Badovas) Monastery (8:40), Agios Antonios Monastery (8:59), Ypapanti Monastery (10:06), Kastraki village (0:409:3110:44).