Orphic Hymn to Thanatos(Death) - (Reconstructed Ancient Greek)

Hear me, you who keeps all people to life, and who allocates pure time to those from whom far away you rest. Because thine sleep crushes the soul and draws the body, because it dissolves the bonds of the flesh and thence of its shackles to the soul; and thus you bring to the living the long eternal sleep; and you are, indeed, common to everyone, but unto some you show thyself unjust, whenceforth you terminate expediently the life in people who are vigorous – too young for their mind to have revolved enough times around the sun; because from you is only performed that which was decided to be destined for all. For only you are not convinced neither by prayers nor entreaties or sacrifices. But O Blessed One, Apathetic One, I ask of you to come to everyone only after many years of life; and I request this of you with sacrifices and prayers, so that old age may be for people a good prize.