Corfu: The beautiful Greek island

Corfu is the second largest island of the Ionian sea after Kefalonia and it lies just 60 nautical miles east from the heel of Italy and a few kilometers due west from Igoumenitsa, the closet point to mainland Greece. At 64km long and 32km wide at its widest point, it is large enough to sustain a permanent population of 110,000 people and an astonishing 3-4 million olive trees.Throughout its history, it was desired for its geographical location, abundant wood, food and water, making the island a vital port between Greece and Italy.Today the island is invaded by hundreds of thousands of visitors every year for the very same reasons, but with very different intentions. Life is just so very pleasant and the environment so clean (at least compared to modern cities), that it makes this island one of the very best places in the World for one who wishes to escape from the madness of the fast moving world and combine relaxation with entertainment.