The Necromancy of Acheron-Gates of hell

The Necromancy of Acheron is located in Epirus, in a short distance from the village of Mesopotamos. This is the most famous ancient necromancy and it was founded during the early Hellenistic period.

History - Mythology

River Acheron, according to Greek mythology, was the gateway to the underworld where Charon lead with boat the souls of the dead to Acherousia lake. The lake Acherousia, located in the homonym alluvial plain just before the mouth of the river, was drained after the Second World War. The necromancy of Acheron was founded in a hilly rise, on the northeast shore of Lake Acherousia. Through the specific oracle the living could communicate with the dead and receive prophecies. The necromancy, was burned and destroyed by the Romans in 167 BC.

Over the years the abandoned oracle was forgotten and covered by alluvial deposits of the drainage network. The site was discovered after archaeological investigations during the second half of the 20th century. Over the necromancy was built the monastery of St. John the Baptist in the 18th century.