A mysterious Fairygarden

The Fairygarden located just outside the village Paifko Mountain Taygetos Gouvala. It is quite impressive, but also strange, as the folk tradition has connected with bizarre stories and legends about elves and fairies walking there at night. Of these legends took the area and the name fairygarden. In essence it is a big hole a depth of around 70-80 (0.05miles) meters and an opening of about 100 m(0.06miles) . This location is stunning as the "hole is in the middle of a green hill As if has fallen meteorite Many stories have been heard for this fairygarden, the location is to be studied for folklorists , but and for lovers of the metaphysical . At farygarden you will arrive from the southern part of paifko village , climbing small gravel trail after leaving the village. The path it meanders through the lush hillside to the top of the mountain, where is the " mysterious " hole.