Baby sea turtle journey.

The Turtles of Zante

Zakynthos is home to the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, Caretta, Caretta. The Bay of Laganas is the most important breeding ground for the Mediterranean Loggerhead, although they can be found in Turkey and Italy as well. The sandy beaches of the Lagana Bay are now a protected area, it is unfortunate that the breeding grounds for these magnificent animals is also the place where the holiday maker comes to soak up the sun, sea and sand.

Turtles return to the beach they were born on to nest, the mating season is around April - June with the hatchlings being born about 60 days after the eggs have been laid. This of course coincides with the peak holiday season. There are six main nesting beaches in the Bay of Lagana, by far the most important of these is Sekania.