Acheloos Valley: Alternative summer activities in the largest natural park in Western Greece

A different summer proposal for “swimming in the mountains” offers Koilada, which is also the natural border of the prefectures of Arta, Aitoloakarnania, Evritania and Karditsa.

Here the time is slowly flowing and leaves natural beauty between the hillsides. But for the traveler, the traveler, looking to discover the secrets of the mountains, since Koilada hides many beautiful surprises.

The “tour guide” places the area at 700 meters altitude, where settlements located through the fir trees, the same religious monuments or historical sites that the visitor has to learn about. The distance to the small beaches of Acheloos is about 65 km from the cities of Arta, Karditsa, Agrinio and Karpenissi, but the natural beauty of the route “nullifies” the distances.

Enjoy the video!