Ancient Greek statue destroyed 2,000 years ago by an earthquake to be REBUILT

ONE of the seven ancient wonders of the world could be rebuilt 2,000 years after it was destroyed - and is planned to be FIVE TIMES bigger.


The Colossus of Rhodes stood astride the port of the ancient city in Greece, which is now a tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of people each year.

An earthquake brought the statue crashing down to earth 2,000 years but now plans are afoot for an even bigger version put in its place.

It was said to be the inspiration for the Statue of Liberty, but the new Colussus will be 50 per cent larger than the American version.

The recreation will face the Aegean on the island of Rhodes and be visible from the Turkish coast 35 miles away.

The £200million project is being led by architect Aris A Pallas.

Shops and a library will be included in the building while the outside of the structure will use solar panels to power its lighthouse.

Those behind the plans are looking to part-crowdfund the construction.

Mr Pallas said Greece would benefit from the statue and Rhodes would become a year-long tourist destination as a result.

He said: “We want to show that Greece can get back on its feet again; that it has the power and people to do so, and that the economy here can recover.”

The original statue was built in 280 BC and stood 30-metres high.

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