10 Stunning Secret Places In Greece Most Tourists Don’t Know About

1 A Heart-shaped island with turquoise Waters


The beautiful island of Eretria, Aspronisi, can be described as the “heart” of Evoikos due to its shape. It is also an island that is  appreciated by divers because of its depth.

Eretria is located in the heart of the island of Evia on the shores of the Euboea Gulf.

2 The village that has only…luxury hotels


The Holiday Village of Kolymbia in Rhodes, is a beautiful village/resort in an idyllic place between mountains and the sea.

The resort has more than 300 luxury hotels, many nice restaurants and plenty of shops.

3 The Africa of Greece


Strofilia Forest; is One more of Greece’s Hidden Gems! A forest, a lake, and a breathtaking beach compose the sublime scenery which is reminiscent of African landscapes.

The sizable forest, imposing earthy hills, beautiful beach and infinite light-blue sea color, add beauty to the exquisite scenery.

4 The exotic beach of Vathiavali


It is considered to be the most beautiful beach of Aitoloakarnania. It is located ten minutes from the Pogonias of Palairo.

In recent years, it has been attracting bathers since, the turquoise waters and the fine pebbles of the beautiful beach compete deservedly, several of the beaches of neighboring Lefkada.

5 The sunken Atlantis


Ancient walls, building foundations and paved sections of roads are only a few among the countless structures and objects that are lying under the sea surface.

A characteristic example is the sunken city extremely close to Epidaurus seaside, also known as the “Atlantis of Argolida”.

6 The Greek Miami


There is a place in Greece that resembles Miami and the Keys of Florida: Artificial canals run through the back yards of the houses,

where the owners go not by car, but with their boat, large palm trees and exotic plants, swimming pools and an immense beach. This is the beautiful Porto Hydra Village, the “Miami” of Greece.

7 Livadaki beach Samos Island


An unexpected exotic place on Samos island.

Livadaki beach it is a small very beautiful sandy beach, with turquoise crystal clear and shallow sea & palm trees, giving the impression of exotic beach.

8 Hermione – the Island City


Ermioni is a small port town and a former municipality in Argolis, Peloponnese, Greece on the Argolid Peninsula.

Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Ermionida, of which it is a municipal unit.

9 The Greek Bahamas


On the western side of Northern Evia, lies Lichadonisia, a complex of small islands which locals call the “Greek Seychelles”.

An ecologically protected area with sandy beaches and shallow emerald waters, excellent for swimming and relaxation.

10 A magical coastline village


Tolo is a village in the prefecture of Argolis, built along a large beach on the coast of the Argolic Gulf.

Tolo has been built as if it wanders the waters of the sea and has three beautiful islands, Koronissi, Romvimi and Daskalio.