Ephesus! An Ancient Greek City on The Coast of Ionia

There is no complete information about the origins of this city. Myth has is that the Ephesus city (also known as Ephesos or Ephesia) was made by Androclos, Krodos son’s and the king of Athens once he escaped from the Dor attack of Greece and found a new place to settle. Androclos fled to Delphi Oracle and was told that a boar and fish will guide him. Many days after, while cooking, a fish feel, alarming a hiding boar. This hiding boar fled, and then Androclos followed and murdered the animal, setting up Ephesus on the place where the animal was killed. Myth aside, it is believed that the Ephasus or Ephasis city was created in 11 century by Ionians, and considered as the oldest Greek civilizations located near the Aegean Sea. Years after it was expanded by the Romanians and became the local place of Roman rule in Asia. Located at the end of Road Royal, the main way of the Roman Eastern extension, Ephesus city was the western border of East West trade. The city was made near the Cayster River that was scoured into a full harbour emptying in to the Mediterranean and develops into a great dock, boasting as the most significant Mediterranean seaport for products came from Roman West, Greece as well as Italy.