Canal of Glamour Chalkidiki, Macedonia.

Enjoy a flight over the canal the New Potidea in Halkidiki, where the pine trees reach the turquoise waters and boats are mooring under the houses.It is the canal that separates the first leg of Halkidiki in two. It is unknown exactly when it was opened, but certainly it existed before the 1st century AD. The work was completed, probably by Cassander 300-400 years earlier and gets its current form recently, between 1935 and 1937 .The canal connects the Toroneos and Thermaic Gulfs and facilitates navigation, but also protects the city. That's why there are fortifications along the Justinian Wall, from which are preserved and appear in some video segments and sunken building materials.Today luxury yachts and sailing yachts anchor in the canal.Enjoy the flight!