Ancient Greek city of Akragas (Agrigento) Sicily 3D presentation

The summit of a nearby hilltop affords a pleasant view of the ancient city of Agrigento, inherited by the Romans from the Greeks who had founded it in 581 B.C.

Since that time, Agrigento has had various occupants who have contributed to its name and characteristics. The Greeks originally named the city Akragas, followed by the Romans, in 210 B.C. who developed and enlarged the city till occupying Arabs changed its name to Girgenti. These two previous names were combined during the occupation of the Norman invaders, who remained in control of the city until they were expelled by Frederic II in the thirteenth century. Since then, and throughout the Middle Ages, the city attracted no further occupants, as trading routes changed and its low position rendered it vulnerable to thieves and marauders.