UNESCO Sites in Greece: A Guide to World Heritage Sites in Greece (Video)

Blessed with a rich and long history, Greece boasts a wide variety of monuments and archaeological sites bearing a deep cultural heritage. It is, therefore, not surprising that there are 18 Greek monuments and areas given the distinction of being UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Discover these historic gems below.

Main sites in the video: Delphi (0:01), Olympia (1:40), Mycenae (3:10), Tiryns (4:12), Epidaurus (4:44), Acrocorinth (5:24), Corinth (6:25), Athens (7:11). Couple of views from interesting nearby locations that do not belong to the ancient history: Galaxidi (1:36), Nafplio from the Palamidi fortress(4:28), Corinth Canal (6:56). The fortress at Acrocorinth is from Byzantine and later times, but Acrocorinth itself is the acropolis of ancient Corinth.

Enjoy the video: