Wines from Santorini - The Vineyard's of Santorini



The vineyard of Santorini is probably the oldest in the world under continuous cultivation and has a global uniqueness due to the peculiar ecosystem of the volcanic island. The lava altered the soil in a porous soil rich in porcelain and pumice.

The terroir is of volcanic origin, with little or no organic content, poor in nutrients and in combination with the microclimate, created by the sea and the strong wind, create unique conditions for the grape growing. The vines survive in extremely dry conditions and in addition, to protect the fruit from the wind and the intense solar radiation during the summer, the plants are pruned in a special way: young vines are trimmed in a low basket shape (called kouloura). The climate and the geological uniqueness of the island prevent the development of diseases and natural enemies of the vine. Phylloxera, for example, has failed to live in Santorini! The vineyard of Santorini consists of own roots, which keep all of their primary characteristics.

Assyrtiko is the ‘diva’ of the island, being used for both dry and sweet PDO Santorini wines (Santorini & Vinsanto), and accounting for 65% to 70% of the plantings. The white grapes Athiri and Aidani cover nearly 10%, while the red grape Mandilaria has a share of 18%. Mavrotragano, another indigenous red grape, is gaining year by year.

Best 15 Wineries On The Greek Island Of Santorini

1. Santo Wines

2. Venetsanos Winery

3. Boutari Santorini Winery

4. Gavalas Wines

5. Hatzidakis Winery

6. Estate Argyros

7. Canava Roussos

8. Art Space

9. Artemis Karamolegos Winery

10. Koutsogiannopoulos Winery

11. Gaia Wines

12. Vassaltis Vineyards

13. Domaine Sigalas

14. Canava Chryssou - Tselepos

15. Canava Petros M. Nomikos