Santorini on Fire | Easter Good Friday

If you are ever going to visit Santorini in spring, you “must”…read: MUST, try to time it so you’re here for Greek Easter. Not only is Santorini covered in wild flowers (more pics & words on that soon), but you HAVE to see Good Friday night at the mountain-top village of Pyrgos. It is one of the most spectacular images you will ever see. Pyrgos is high up, it towers over the rest of Santorini island and the view from there is breathtaking during the day. But on this night…Good Friday night, the villagers do something very special. They light up the entire village (every house, every roof top, every church, every path) and as you approach the village from below it is the most incredible sight you will ever see. The entire village is ablaze as the procession starts to meander through the tiny streets and laneways. Thousands of faithful lining the narrow streets holding candles and slowly following behind the procession around the village. It is a unique sight despite you’re religious beliefs.