Ancient Acropolis 3D presentation

The Parthenon was a temple dedicated to Godess Athena Parthenos (Virgin). The construction begun in 447 BCE after the order of Pericles. The architects were Iktinus and Kallikrates. The chief supervisor of the project and especially of the sculptures and the decoration, was the sculptor and Pericles’ friend, Pheidias. The Parthenon is a unique Doric building that successfully incorporates the Ionic order. It is known that in the west room (opisthodomos) was kept all the wealth of the Delian League. Furthermore, the gold and ivory statue of Athena that stood inside the main temple, was covered with the gold of Athens’ allies. This proves that the Parthenon also functioned as the treasury of the Delian League, containing wealth which Athens had misappropriated from the allies.