The Face of Philip II of Macedon (Photoshop Reconstruction)

King Phillip II of Macedon reigned as King of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon from 359 BC until he was assassinated in 336 BC.

King Phillip II was a member of the Argead dynasty. He was the youngest son of King Amyntas III and Eurydice I. Both of Phillip II’s older brothers, King Alexander II and Periddiccas III, died, thus allowing Phillip II to claim the throne of King as his own.

King Phillip II was the father of Phillip III and Alexander the Great. He had many wives, although the exact number is disputed. The most famous of his unions was with Olympias. Together they had Alexander the Great.

Facial reconstruction of Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great Damage to the skull, found in a rich tomb at Vergina in northern Greece, seems to reflect the injuries that Philip suffered in his life. He lost an eye during the siege of Methone in northern Greece in 354 BC. We can't be absolutely sure these are Philip's remains but the rich grave goods associated with them suggest that this was someone very important.

*There are almost no physical descriptions of Philip II in history except for the mention of his missing eye (lost 18 years before his death in battle) and his full beard.

*As recently as November 2000, the skull that was believed to have been Philip II (from which a famous reconstruction was built) is now believed to be that of one of his sons, and Alexander the Great's half brother.

The Face of Philip II of Macedon (Photoshop Reconstruction)